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Gold, Grit & a Creative Outlet

Welcome to Jenni G Jewelry, a jewelry line created out of my forever love for jewelry and wanting to look expensive without breaking the bank! Once a hobby but now a dream come true, YOU are the reason this small business came to fruition.

My intentions with every piece is to make you feel confident, beautiful and your absolute best each morning when you walk out of the door! Every piece is infused with a piece my heart and soul.

I look forward to making you feel sharp, unique, and loved!

XOXO - Jenni G

Meet Jenni
  • Individuality

    There's something for every type of person, whether you prefer big, flashy, minimal, sophisticated, sharp, edgy, soft or elegant pieces. We celebrate the individuality of everyone through the creation of each piece.

  • Creativity

    The unique shapes of our jewels and gemstones mean that no two pieces are crafted exactly the same. With innovative shapes, sizes and colors, each piece is one-of-kind and carefully thought out with you in mind.

  • High-Quality

    All of our jewelry is crafted with tarnish resistant materials to ensure your pieces can be passed on for years, just like my favorite pieces. Jewelry care cards are included in every order to help you keep your pieces in the best shape possible.