Jenni G Jewelry is a jewelry line captivated and created purely from my forever love for jewelry and always being extra ever since I was a little girl. I grew up with 3 older brothers which naturally made me the “baby” and the "girly girl" of the family. At a young age, I would watch my grandma and aunts style their daily outfits with layers and layers of jewelry that I could never take my eyes off of. My aunt actually sold her own jewelry for years, which inspired me to do the same.

When I was 16, my mom gave me this beautiful gold amethyst ring that had been passed down from my great great grandmother. I’ve been wearing it everyday since and it serves as an inspiration that reminds me of the power that jewelry holds and the connections it can create between people.

  • "If I can't find the jewelry I want to wear, why can't I just make it?"

    Jenni G Jewelry started as a fun covid hobby, making my own jewelry to wear out and about because I was sick of buying my own! What was initially just me making random pieces for my friends and family, very quickly turned into a dream I didn’t even know I wanted to achieve! As I was testing the waters making pieces for practice, it turned out my friends and family loved them (and if you’ve been around from the start, I LOVE YOU). I started sharing review posts and product photos all over instagram and one thing led to another, and here we are now, HUNDREDS of orders later!

  • The Power of Instagram Stories

    The more the orders kept consistently coming in, the more my dream began to grow and my mind continued to wonder ….. how far can I actually take this? And that is where the passion came from!  Now I wake up every single morning hoping, wishing, praying that I can continue to create pieces that connect with you and make you feel your best. I never in a million years thought I could make things with my hands, and actually be good at it.

    This just goes to show, you never really know until you try, and if you do, you just might stumble upon a talent like I did. As scary as it may be to start something new, while having doubts and fear of failure, it’s even scarier not to try. Don’t let self doubt ruin what could amplify your life, and let this be your sign to JUST GO FOR IT.

  • Jenni G was born!

    Jenni G Jewelry is for the strong, independent busy girls who put entirely way too much pressure on themselves to do well and please others. This jewelry is for the girl who wants to look high end, but doesn’t want to spend the money to look high end. It’s for the girls who fake it till they make it and have dreams bigger than they can even imagine. It’s for the girls who want to look fierce on the days where they really didn’t even feel like getting out of bed. It’s for the girl who puts on a big smile and pretends even when it feels like the whole world is against her.

    Jenni G Jewelry is meant to break you out of your shell to shock the world with your new defined energy. So ask yourself, who do you want to be when you wake up in the morning and how do you want to feel? If any of this resonates with you, then this jewelry line is for you